Studio 9 Salon Facilities in Sterling Heights

Open 7 Days a Week

About our new facility. Nearly 5,000 square feet supports 16 styling stations, 5 nail stations, a private spa pedicure room, two makeup stations and a private waxing and facial room. We offer our clients a world class facility at reasonable prices.

The Upper Level supports our Training Room. This is where product manufactures train our staff on the latest trends and styles. This same room is utilized for private functions such as wedding parties and meetings.

Studio 9's Patio area can be used for functions or just hanging out. Our patio can accommodate up to 50 persons. Umbrella tables shade you from the summer sun while enjoying Michigan's summer months and cool
fall days. The adjacent property has a wide array of wildlife. Rabbits, geese or a rare deer can be seen while you relax.

Lighting – The lighting design at Studio 9 Salon is state of the art in both energy conservation and color of light that the bulb produces. The light color is 5500K is as close to natural daylight as possible.  This assures that our clients color and Makeup will look stunning in all types of lighting. 

Nail Station Ventilation. Each nail station is equipped with down draft ventilation to eliminate harmful fumes to both clients and employees. The leg that supports the nail table are in reality a ventilation duct that expel fumes under the floor and through the roof of the building.

Tanning - State of the art, clean and affordable. All equipment is Level 3. Each tanning suite is equipped with a engineered ventilation system that changes the air in each room once per minute. Each suite has a roof that assures your comfort and privacy.

The water well that was used for the original farmhouse that occupied the property.  We kept this well in place as a water source. The well will eventually be used to supply a fountain in the front of the building.

Energy Conservation – Our building was constructed with 12 inch concrete blocks. Each block was filled with foam for insulation. Additionally all interior walls have 2 inches of foam board between the block and the interior drywall. The roof has 6 inches of foam board.  That turns Studio 9 Salon into a  large instated beer cooler. Our glass is insulated with special gases between the panes. All windows have a special transparent film that filters ultra violet rays and heat from the summer sun. Our hot water system is a state of the art "Tank-less System". We conserve energy by eliminating the necessity of heating water in a tank 24/7. And we will never run out of hot water.

The planters surrounding the building are filled with plants. This will adds to our insulation from heat loss in the winter and provide natural shading and cooling from plant material in the summer months.

Our Facility