Studio 9 Salon Electric Vehicle Charger

Get a free EV charge with your cut and color!

Thinking about purchasing a electric vehicle? We have installed a charger just or you!
What is it for? The next generation of cars just may be powered by electricity.  All of these cars are referred to as EV (Electric Vehicle) All are powered by a battery. Our station will charge an electric vehicle (EV) battery. GM starts production of the Volt in November 2011. These EV’s are being produced just a few miles from here at the Hamtramck Assembly Plant.

How long does it take? Depends on many factors.  GM states a charge at your home will take 12 hours, a charge at our station will take about 4 hours. Our charger would be classed as a heavy duty charger. It has two voltage options. The lower option is like found in your home (110 volts). Our charger has a higher power (220 volts). The 220 voltage charges the battery in about 25% of the time it would take if you were to plug your car in at home.

What does it cost to charge?  For now this is a free service for customers of Studio 9 Salon. Our charger is set up to take major charge cards. You can even go on Goggle through a EV’s navigation system and find our station and see if it’s in use or available in real time.

Why is it located at Studio 9? When we built our new building GM had just announced production of the Volt. Our plans called for a charging station. All of the underground wiring was installed during the construction of our building. We were awarded the charging station through Coulomb Technologies' grant with the US Department of Energy called ChargePoint America.  The Department of Energy is promoting use of EV’s through public awareness and building the necessary infrastructure for EV’s.

Studio 9 Salon's Electric Vehicle Charger